The Goal

I started Woody-Haven with a goal to develop a web development business to serve as a fill in as corporate employment nears an end.

I’m not interested in development of massive sites and making big dollars. But, would rather help a core group of people wanting to set up and be engaged with their sites.

I can handle the hosting aspects allowing you up to handle the conceptual aspects. I’d be there to help with setup, security and technical problems as well as customization.  From purchase of the domain all the way through setting up the hosted directories and email accounts. So you don’t have to worry about the technical stuff.

So if it’s parking a domain name on a WordPress site and turning over the reins.


Developing a custom site for you.

I can help…

Reliable Hosting

GoDaddy Logo

They have proven to be a very reliable and economical choice with good customer service and support.

My package is set for 5 years so you know I plan to stay with this for the long term.


I also now have the ability to host your site in the AWS Cloud on a virtual host or using the latest server less technology.


WordPress Logo

WordPress offers a myriad of theme options and plugins… It is widely used and well supported.

I learned quickly that if I was going into web development I needed to learn WordPress. I did just that, taking courses on plugin and theme development and continue to hone that skill set.


  • Hosting your site.
  • Installing SSL Certificate
  • Setup Site and Email.
  • Install and configure WordPress, Themes and Plugins.
  • Develop custom sites based on your ideas.